Buiding a Mobile App.

Techomax assists businesses and startups with the conceptualization, design, development, and implementation of mobile app solutions.

iOS Technology

Undoubtedly iOS app devices are very popular globally and so, if you choose to go with iOS application development, you get a tech-savvy audience from different corners of the world. iOS is always known for its seamless designs, smooth as a pie functionalities and mind blowing user experience. That gives you a loyal customer base. Unlike Android, iOS has full control over hardware and software, so, 70% of the users use the latest versions of the iOS application.

Android Technology

With our high impact, result-driven, and engaging Android apps, as a leading Android app development company in India, we provide expansive app solutions to numerous business sectors. With an intuitive UI/UX design, our Android app development services are capable of implementing any amount of complexity and business logic within the app.

Flutter Technology

Using open source mobile SDK, a top-tier Flutter app development firm produces strong, user-friendly, and powerful Android and iOS applications in the shortest amount of time. Flutter developers who create mobile apps with fully functional, rich, and fluid user experiences are available to be hired at Techomax. For the best Flutter app development services for your mobile app concept, hire devoted Flutter developers.

Buiding with Best Backend Technologies.

Users may not join your app for the sole purpose of the backend, but a weak backend will undoubtedly make them leave. With the appropriate technology and knowledge, Techomax can take on backend challenges of any size and complexity and create an architecture that lacks a single point of failure. With a 100% guarantee, always experience smoother and quicker app performance!

Laravel Technology

We use agile methodology to provide a smooth checkout and high speed e-commerce experience to all the visitors of your website. Data migration is not a concern for Laravel development. We guarantee complete safety as well as easy data sharing. Representational State Transfer refers to a RESTful API or web service (REST). It is used to exchange information between online services for the creation of web services and web APIs. We use all of our practical expertise to produce straightforward yet profitable solutions for Laravel PHP development.

Codeigniter Technology

We appreciate your time! Our CodeIgniter developers put forth a lot of effort to complete projects on schedule with excellent results. We constantly consider your happiness with the project when strategizing and carrying it out. We strive for complete client satisfaction. Our method for developing applications is completely flexible and extensible to providers for top-notch performance. In order to give you and your customers the best possible experience, we design the most intuitive websites.

Java Technology

Our skilled java developers and designers enable us to serve customers across a variety of market domains, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, and others. Techomax Solution is an expert in Java development with a blend of modern UI/UX architecture and strategic product development. They adapt well-proven approaches to offer the cost effective and well-proven approaches on Java, creating customised solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses.

Node Technology

Techomax is a major provider of Node.js development services due to its consistency in offering creative, sturdy, secure, and scalable web and mobile app solutions. Hire our Node.js experts to create load-bearing systems so you may create applications that are heavily loaded.

.Net Technology

As a leading ASP.NET web application development company, Techomax provides custom web and eCommerce solutions leveraging power-packed features and functionalities of ASP.NET technology. Hire ASP.NET professionals for complete ASP.NET web app development services that maintain the highest standards of quality and security.

Buiding with Best Frontend Technologies.

Utilizing popular front end technologies and market trends, I have experience (since 2018) creating beautiful, captivating, and effective user interfaces. Increase your chances of achieving your business goals faster with the help of our full stack front end development services.

HTML Technology

With India, create engaging and appealing websites. India and the USA's top HTML5 web development companies are NIC. Get the benefits of both CSS3 and jQuery paired with our HTML5 language services. We are a leading HTML5 app development firm with years of expertise providing high-quality, reasonably priced online and mobile app development services with HTML5 technology.

CSS Technology

CSS3 is most commonly used in many of the development projects. CSS3 enables you to create any look and feel for the written content on your website. Because it takes just a few seconds to capture a visitor's interest, create fantastic websites with CSS3. Backward compatibility, minimum faults, and ease of upkeep are all features of CSS3's design.

Javascript Technology

Javascript is popularly used on every web and is easy to learn and implement. It reduces the amount of time required for compilation by other developing languages like Java because it is an interpreted language. It can create UI/UX designs that are dynamic and original and function on a variety of platforms. By enabling developers to modify server side code to perform backend operations, it provides a rich front end. It has a number of advantages over the conventional server-side development for websites and applications.

Vuejs Technology

When it comes to usability and loading speed, VueJS outperforms all the other frameworks. The 20 kilobyte size of this framework makes it very simple for developers to obtain files right away. It eliminates the demand for any application upgrade when the UI becomes out-of-date by separating the user interface (UI) from the application logic. Instead, one can easily add any preferred template to the programme by just plugging it in.

Buiding with Best and Secure Database Technologies.

As a top database development firm, we help businesses and startups reach their goals strategically by providing high-quality database design and administration services. In order to assist corporate operations and decision-making and to save time and money, our database design services and solutions promote data access at all times.


The next generation of web, cloud, embedded, and mobile applications are all made possible by MySQL. It was created with speed in mind, is trustworthy, and is maintained by a sizable developer community. For your online enterprises, MySQL consistently produces the finest results. For new projects, it is completely dependable. By virtue of its prevalence, MYSQL must be taken into account while developing commercial software.


Since it is simple and quick to construct, offers a wide range of tools, and is a real-time database that can create interactive apps, many developers favour the Firebase database. Firebase's Cloud Firestore, which enables simple as pie interaction with Firebase database and its other products, is an added benefit. Its real-time updates, offline support, quicker data enquiry, and flexible data models set it apart from competitors. It makes use of Identity and Access Management and stringent data protection guidelines (IAM).

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comprises of a number of activities for the web apart from marketing and each and every activity needs to be executed with focus on the end users to ensure success. Fortunately, we have an expertise in digital marketing, we are working 24/7 to attract, engage and convert your customers into sales.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the finest methods to use inbound marketing is through SEO. You can find the information you need via search engines. SEO is very customer-focused and can help you better target that niche of internet users. We are the best digital marketing company in Surat and we optimise your website and provide top-level SEO Service to rank your website on page

Social media Marketing

We have the greatest social media marketing team in Surat and offer the best services across a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. The main goal is to boost interaction and assess the effectiveness of social media with a targeted audience that has successfully converted into a paying customer. that are important include "The number of Facebook likes and shares, Twitter favourites and retweets, Instagram likes and followers, Pinterest repins and likes, YouTube likes and subscribers, etc."