Quality Assurance (QA)

Techomax believes in ‘Prevention Over Inspection’. Every software project that we work on includes QA Testing services as a necessary component. Hire Techomax QA professionals who are skilled in a range of software testing services utilising a variety of techniques and technologies. Our QA specialists provide effective solutions while reducing risks. Our rigorous software testing practises are performed for multiple parameters like functionality, behavioural, performance, scalability, compatibility, etc. Please look over the QA services we provide.

Web Testing Automation

Hire our Quality Assurance (QA) specialists to perform web application functionality tests with unmatched depth, accuracy, and speed. By mimicking actual user activities, our QA team will construct cases and carry out cross-browser UI tests.

Mobile App Testing

The strategy of every organisation must include mobility. Its use is frequently prohibited by functional flaws and a bad user experience. Techomax's QA staff is fully prepared to tackle device complexity and user inquiries using their knowledge in mobile testing. With our assistance, businesses have effectively deployed their goods across a range of mobile devices to provide a seamless user experience.

Performance Testing

The most worrisome problem that causes site abandonment is website/application crash. Techomax performance testing services make the product to withstand the extensive load. Our devoted QA staff is skilled in testing systems for complicated applications in a large volume. The applications will be thoroughly optimised with our software testing approach during the peak loads to make them perform well as expected. With the assistance of the following services, our performance testing services assist the company in achieving its objectives.

API Testing

No matter what, make sure any APIs you use, whether they are your own or third-party, function as intended. API testing is made simple and quicker to accomplish with automation. Automated API testing for RESTful APIs and SOAP web services support for all commonly used data serialisation formats in the industry (JSON, XML, plain text, etc.) Optimized HTTPClient with a custom design UI-free functional testing Integration testing of components

Manual Testing

At every stage, we offer thorough manual QA and software testing services, find issues, and keep track of them to make sure they're fixed before the final product is delivered. Our quality control team has tested in every field.